Agile Entrepreneurship Development
Program through International Collaborative Learning国際協働学習を通じて醸成するアジャイル・アントレプレナーシップ

Agile Workshop 2023 completed!

【Implementation Summary】

Time period(online): Three days in July 2023 (5th, 12th, 19th) 18:00~20:00

Time period(workshop):8 days in August 2023 (4 (Fri) ~ 11 (Fri))

Venue    : Hiroshima University 

Theme  : Smart City in Higashi-Hiroshima: Toward Solutions to Social Issues

Main contents :Students from four countries gathered in Higashi-Hiroshima to discuss entrepreneurship as liberal arts education, carbon neutrality, digital transformation, and smart cities, as well as to explore potential solutions to the challenges faced when building smart cities.

      ・Students had the chance to join Hiroshima University’s specialty experiential education on peace.

Participants:41 students(face-to-face)

Partner UniversityParticipating studentsLocation of participation
(IND)Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani(BITS)10 studentsHiroshima
(AUS)University of New South Wales(USNW) 5 studentsHiroshima
(UK)The University of Sheffield(TUoS) 5 studentsHiroshima
(JP)Keio University(Keio) 6 studentsHiroshima
(JP)Hiroshima University(HU)15 studentsHiroshima

【Preparatory Online Discussions】

July 5, 17:00〜20:00

First session of the preparatory online discussions

・Self introductions
・Group introductions

July 12, 18:00〜20:00

Second session of the preparatory online discussions

Themes:Smart cities, carbon neutrality, digital transformation

July 19, 18:00〜20:00

Third session of the preparatory online discussions

Summary:Group presentations

July 31, Last submission date for group report

【Agile Workshop】

August 4(Fri)

AM:Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room  

① Orientation 
Agile Program 
Coordinator: Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, professor Ichihashi            

Workshop facilitator:
Keio University, professor Rajib Shaw      

Workshop leader:
IDEC Institute, associate professor Watanabe

・Program summary, theme, schedule overview, self introductions  

② Lecture 1:Smart city 90 min(Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room)          
Lecturer:IDEC Institute, professor Ayyoob              

③ Welcome party


④ Peace education at Hiroshima 
Kasumi Campus:Personal account from an A-bomb survivor(Ogura Keiko) 
a. Charter bus to Kasumi Campus, Kojin Kaikan
b. Ogura Keiko’s personal testimony  
⑤ Visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Charter bus back to Mirai CREA, and return to hotel.


August 5(Sat)

AM:IDEC Large conference room
① Lecture 2:Digital transformation

 Lecturer:SC Digital Co., Ltd. – Yasumaru Shusaku
 Lecturer:ABeam Consulting Ltd. – Toyoshima Shuhei

② Lecture 3: Carbon neutrality

 Lecturer:Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, professor Ishikawa

③ Lunch

PM:IDEC Large conference room
④ Lecture 4: Entrepreneurship

Lecturer:Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, professor Ito (special appointment)

⑤ Group work
Reflections and discussion on lecture topics in small groups.

August 6(Sun)

AM:off-campus(Hiroshima)All day

① Participation to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
★Early morning charter bus to Peace Memorial Ceremony location

② Peace Memorial(organized by Hiroshima University Center for Peace)
★ Charter bus to Hiroshima University Peace Memorial location

PM:<History at Hiroshima>
③ Visit to Miyajima
~Charter bus to Miyajima – a world heritage site~
(guided by HU students)
・Omotesando ~ Itsukushima Shrine tour, free time

④ Evening:<Peace at Hiroshima>
 ★Charter bus from Miyajima port to Hiroshima Peace Park. Free time
 ★Lantern ceremony

★Charter bus from Peace Park to Mirai CREA. Return to hotel.

August 7(Mon)

AM:Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room
① Lecture 5:Mobility

Lecturer:Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, professor Chikaraishi

② Lecture 6:Resilience

Lecturer:Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance, professor Shaw

③ Lunch

PM:Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room
④ Group work

August 8(Tue)

AM:Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room
① Lecture 7Well-being based policy design for smart cities

Lecturer:Smart City Institute Japan, Executive Managing Director Nagumo Takehiko

② Lunch

③ Lecture 8:Initiatives at Higashi Hiroshima city office

Lecturer:Higashi Hiroshima city, Management strategy director in-charge Shinichi Kurisu

④ Group work
Preparation for mid-term presentations

August 9(Wed)

AM:Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room
① Mid-term presentations

PM:Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room

② Lunch

③ Japanese cultural experience(class lead by Japanese students)
★Japanese style rock-paper-scissors

Rock-paper-scissors while standing on pieces of newspaper sheets. Losing a match means losing a portion of one’s newspaper sheet. The last person to remain standing on their newspaper sheet wins!

★ Musical chairs
Going round and round …

August 10(Thu)

AM:Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room

PM:Mirai CREA Multipurpose space
★Okonomiyaki Academy★
Lecturer: Kondo Nao

Lecture on the history and making of okonomiyaki(English interpretation by Japanese students)

Making okonomiyaki!

August 11(Fri)

AM:Mirai CREA 2F Large conference room

Final presentations

PM: Mirai CREA multipurpose space
★Diploma awarding ceremony★

★Farewell Party★

Thank you Workshop Lecturers!
Prof. Masaru Ichihashi
Prof. Ayyobb Sharifi
Mr. Shusaku Yasumaru
Mr. Takehiko Nagumo
Mr. Kurisu Shinichi
Prof. Takao Ito
Prof. Takayuki Ichikawa

Assoc. Prof.
Sonoko Watanabe

Assoc. Prof.
Makoto Chikaraishi

Rajib Shaw

Oknomiyaki Academy
Nao Kondo