Agile Entrepreneurship Development
Program through International Collaborative Learning国際協働学習を通じて醸成するアジャイル・アントレプレナーシップ


1.Entrepreneurs and innovators able to create new value through visionary business models

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, novel problems keep appearing both at a local and global level. The world is in need of new courageous innovators and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, who will come up with novel solutions and ideas to improve the world around them.

Students who participate in Agile Entrepreneurship Development program have an opportunity to develop creative problem-solving skills and gain invaluable experiences learning to work smoothly with fellow students despite of differences in cultures, fields of expertise, as well as language and other barriers. The program is designed to hone student’s thinking skills, to find new possibilities for improving people’s lives through brand new business models, as well as to build confidence toward creating new, truly sustainable fields of business.

2.Intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs within organizations) striving to create new value in companies and organizations

Repeating the actions and work habits that are designed to maintain the already existing situation will not suffice when the goal is to create better, more equitable work outcomes for our common future. Instead of expecting new graduates to simply assimilate into the status-quo of how organizations have operated until now, the students in this program are encouraged to find new, forward-thinking ways of working and to become leaders showing the way to new methods of creating value within their companies and organizations.

3.Scientists and researchers with an interdisciplinary approach toward creating new solutions to intricate problems

Very few things in our world can cleanly fit inside a single category. Research problems increasingly benefit from interdisciplinary approaches, that recognize the multi-faceted nature of our world and the phenomena that appear within it. By participating in this program, students will be able to learn about the cutting-edge research currently being conducted relating to the varying program themes, as well as experience the possibilities of combining knowledge from each student’s field of expertise to come up with novel solutions to various global issues talked about in the world today.